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Item Item Code PriceQty Help using this page
Front Wheel Hub with Bolts (Ref 1) SPC90058 $107.78
Front Spoke with Nut (Ref 2) SPC91358 $2.42
Front Wheel Dust Protective (Ref 3) SPC90052 $1.31
Wheel Nut (Ref 5) SPC93094 $1.90
Protective Band (Ref 6) SPC93095 $3.04
Rim (Ref 7) SPC93103 $90.19
Solex Tire 19” (Ref 9) SPC90751 $64.32
Michelin Tube 19” (Ref 9) SPC90799 $23.46
Michelin Tire - Whitewall 16” (Ref 9) SPC90751B $59.32
Bike Tube 16” (Ref 9) SPC90799B $24.46
Front Wheel without Tire and Inner Tube (Ref NR) SPC91298 $199.02

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